Maple Ales Mixed Pack

6 x 500ml Maple Ale Collection (incl. free glass)


Get your hands on the ultimate Maple Ales mixed set. Two of our top-selling maple inspired ales in one pack.

Enjoy our gloriously golden Maple Gold alongside its darker copper cousin Maple Moon. You’ll also get a free Champion Ale stemmed glass!

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You can now get two of our top-selling bottled ales in our Maple ale inspired mixed pack.

Maple Gold (4.3% ABV) is a golden-coloured ale that combines a drop of pure Canadian maple syrup and a dash of hoppy goodness.

Maple Moon (4.8% ABV) is a more malty, premium ale that perfectly balances out the bitterness from the hops with a subtle hint of maple syrup. Maple Moon is a serial award winner on the international stage.

In each mixed pack you will get:

  • 3 x 500ml of Maple Gold
  • 3 x 500ml of Maple Moon
  • Free Champion Ale stemmed glass (as shown in the pictures above)

Both of these bottled ales do contain malted barley. Both are vegan friendly.