Our Family Aims

Richard, Jane and Andrew Kershaw - the Fifth and Sixth Generations of our Brewery

Aim 1

To remain an independent family owned and family led business

Aim 2

To be a successful brewer and pub operator producing award winning beers and lagers and continuing to increase brewery volumes with the aim of being the largest and most respected independent brewer in the North West.

Aim 3

To manage and develop our pubs to enhance their individual character and to expand the estate with predominately freehold acquisitions as suitable opportunities occur.

Aim 4

To make all our pubs attractive and welcoming and staffed by people committed to providing great service, well kept beers and excellent food to ensure customers leave happy and look forward to their next visit.

Aim 5

Directly operate a thriving Free Trade business.

Aim 6

To make business decisions to ensure long term sustainability and manage the company with short informal lines of communication enabling adaptable and flexible decision making and to encourage new and progressive ideas.

Aim 7

To treat staff, customers and suppliers with fairness and consideration and to embed those values within the company.

Aim 8

To make each of our pubs a vibrant and involved part of their local community.

Aim 9

To recruit quality staff and train and develop them to achieve their potential.

Aim 10

To continue the tradition of giving back to the people of Manchester and the North West by supporting local charities and in particular the Christie Hospital and Holt Radium Institute

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As an independent family brewer we are committed to safe and responsible drinking.