Meet The Trailblazers

The Pillars Of The Brewery Since 1849

Since 1849, our brewery has been enriched by a number of pioneering Trailblazers.

Without these Trailblazers, we wouldn’t be the brewery we are today. Award winning. People focussed. Charity at our heart.

To mark our Trailblazers over the generations, we’ll be releasing four new glasses throughout the first quarter of 2023. Each glass will feature a new Joseph Holt Trailblazer.

The special edition glasses will of course house our world medal winner, Trailblazer Stout.

Together these glasses, with their intricate, hand drawn designs, will give you an insight into our history and heritage.

So, grab yourself a drink and join us on this trailblazing journey.

trailblazer glass joseph holt brewery sign

The Trailblazers Glass Series

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