Joseph Holt

The Brewery

Our Brewery, at the bottom of Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester has been home to Joseph Holt since 1860. Over the years, it has evolved and grown to become the modern Brewery it is today, although still surrounded by some of the original buildings.

Still being housed at the original Brewery means we never lose sight of what's important. We have remained faithful to the brewing traditions established by Joseph Holt back in the 1840's.

Today the Brewery is equipped with three different sized mash tuns and two coppers, which are capable of brewing up to 500 barrels per day. We use the best quality English malt and hops from the UK and lager hops from Slovenian hop gardens.

All ales are top fermented in enclosed square fermenters, with chilled water jackets and the temperatures of every fermenting vessel are closely monitored.

Lager is bottom fermented at a low temperature using multiple continental profiles and cold conditioned in cylindro-conical vessels at a maximum of 2 degrees centigrade for a minimum of two weeks prior to earth filtration and keg packaging.

Natural sedimentation is used at all stages and cask beers are allowed to settle for a minimum of 18 hours prior to packaging.

Milling, the start of the process is milling the Malted Barley
Milling, the start of the process is milling the Malted Barley