Watch Live Football at Your Nearest Joseph Holt Pub

Come and watch the game at your nearest Joseph Holt pub. We have over 100 venues showing live football across the week and at the weekends. Our pubs show all live football on Sky Sports and BT Sports, including Premier League action, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup and Carabao Cup. This summer is set to be a bumper edition for football with Euro 2020 – of course, you’ll be able to watch every single match with us.

Check out the biggest fixtures of the week below and then find your nearest pub showing the match. Make sure you allow geo-location on this site, so we can save you the trouble and automatically sort the pubs for you from nearest to furthest away. You can always type a location in if you’re looking at somewhere specific.

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If you haven’t got a subscription to Sky Sports or BT Sport at home, then what better excuse do you need to get down to your local pub? Even if you do have a subscription, there’s nothing better than getting a few mates together and meeting down at the pub to watch the game. On this football page, we’ll show you all the latest fixtures on Sky, BT, ITV and BBC that you can watch with us. We’ll keep it regularly updated so you can plan ahead. We have a great range of pubs, from small and cosy to large and airy, all equipped with plenty of TV screens so you won’t be short of a good vantage point.

We also have over 40 food pubs with a fantastic and varied menu for you to make a day out of it. Some of our pubs have a burger and pint match day special offer too! If your pub doesn’t serve food, there’s always a monthly special offer to make the most of on Joseph Holt beers as well as other bottled products.

Live Premier League & Cup Matches


Watford vs Leicester

Saturday 14th March, 12:30pm

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Villa vs Chelsea

Saturday 14th March, 5:30pm

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Rangers vs Celtic

Saturday 15 March, 2pm

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Spurs vs Man United

Sunday 15th March, 4:30pm

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Everton vs Liverpool

Monday 16th March, 8pm

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Spurs vs West Ham

Friday 20th March, 8pm

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Chelsea vs Man City

21st March, 12:30pm

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Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

Saturday 21st March, 5:30pm

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Live Champions League & Europa League Football


Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid

Weds 11th March, 8pm

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LASK vs Man United

Thursday 12th March, 5.55pm

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Man City vs Real Madrid

Tues 17th March, 8pm

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Man United vs LASK, 2nd Leg

Thursday 19th March, 8pm

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