Joseph Holt
Posted: 29th September 2017

Joseph Holt reaches 25K Mark for Maggie's Manchester

Joseph Holt Reaches 25K Mark for Maggie's Manchester

Joseph Holt is delighted to confirm that we have reached the half way mark of our £50,000 Target for Maggie’s Manchester. As the only company in the UK to have won both the British Beer and Pub Association's, Heart of the Community Award and the All Party Parliamentary Beer Group's, National Pub Aid Award. Joseph Holt is thrilled that our work with Maggie’s Manchester is continuing our tradition of working with the local community.

It’s a testament to the amount of fundraising that our pubs, the office and Brewery have done over the last few months. I’d like to thank all our Joseph Holt employees and customers for raising money for this very worthwhile cause. The Maggie’s centre has been open just over a year and we are really pleased to be raising money for Maggie’s and of course raising awareness of the Centre across the North West. 

Below is some information from Maggie’s:

• How our £25,000 has made a difference.

• A thank you quote and video from Sinead Collins the Maggie’s Mancehster Centre Head.

• A thank you from Gill to Joseph Holt, one of the Maggie’s Centre patients.

How £25,000 Has Made a Difference

• Every £40 raised by Joseph Holt staff and customers could help Maggie’s provide an hour of expert support for local people affected by cancer.  This might involve one to one sessions with a Maggie’s Cancer Support Specialist, Benefits Advisor or Clinical Psychologist. £25,000 provides 625 hours of this essential support at Maggie’s Manchester. 

• It costs £2,400 to run a Maggie’s Centre for a day and we are only able to open our doors free of charge, thanks to the fantastic support from the organisations that financially support us. £25,000 keeps Maggie’s Manchester open for 10 full days. 

• Maggie’s Manchester has received over 7,000 visits since the partnership began.

• Where Now? is a seven-week group course for anyone who has finished their cancer treatment, helping people manage the physical, emotional and practical issues people face after treatment has finished. Our Bereavement Support Groups are a place to speak to others going through a similar experience and find advice, support and strategies for coping. £25,000 funds Where Now? and the Bereavement Support Group at Maggie’s Manchester for a year. 

• Tens of thousands of Joseph Holt’s customers have been introduced to Maggie’s Manchester and the emotional, practical and social support available to anyone affected by cancer.

Thank you from Sinead Collins, Maggie’s Manchester Centre Head

We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and hard work that everyone at Joseph Holt has put into helping Maggie’s this year. From people holding events and putting their collecting tins out in the pubs, to people climbing mountains and shaving heads, it is wonderful to receive this level of support from so many people. £25,000 is an amazing achievement and will help us do such much for people facing the difficult emotions, challenges and treatment that cancer brings. 

Equally important is that literally tens of thousands of Joseph Holt customers now know that Maggie’s is here in Manchester and can help them find their way through cancer. A heartfelt thank you to you all involved from everyone at Maggie’s and all the people who come to Maggie’s Manchester for support.

Here is the link to watch a Video from Sinead Collins, thanking all at Joseph Holt for reaching the 25k mark: Click to watch the video.

Thank you to Joseph Holt from Gill, Maggie’s Manchester Centre Visitor

Gill has been a regular visitor to Maggie’s Manchester following her diagnosis of a rare form of malignant melanoma in July 2016. Gill’s prognosis of 6–9 months was devastating but she was advised that immunology therapy could extend her life by up to five years and began her treatment the following month.

Due to the unexpected devastating news, I found my head was spinning and I couldn’t think about anything else, I found it very difficult to come to terms with the situation. I had to deal with lots of legal and practical things which I found quite distressing. I couldn’t get it out of my head for a minute and ended up suffering a panic attack. My GP suggested anti-depressants but that wasn’t what I wanted. I was referred to my local hospital for specialist treatment and at my first session of immunotherapy in August 2016 I was told about the Maggie’s Centre and decided to come over. I walked into the “green room” and it just felt like an oasis. The surroundings were beautiful; everyone was so welcoming and kind that I started to feel more normal. That became my room in the Centre and, instead of sitting frightened in the hospital, I would spend time there reading, having a drink, chatting to my friend or nodding off if tired. Counselling and relaxation sessions have helped to help me keep calm and I feel empowered to live my life with normality; not with cancer hanging over me like a black cloud. I’ve been so grateful for everything Maggie’s offers to me and everyone who comes through the door. Without Maggie’s I would have no choice but to spend my time in hospital, constantly reminded of my situation and unable to escape it. Here it is so light and airy, it feels like my space, a calm oasis, a home from home.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Joseph Holt - everyone at the Brewery as well as the staff and customers out there in the pubs who have worked so hard to already raise £25,000 for Maggie’s. Thanks to Joseph Holt, Maggie’s can change the lives of more people with cancer like me”.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit our JustGiving page and select any of our Fundraising teams to make your donation: 

Thank you once again, Here’s to the next £25,000!!