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5L Bitter Cask Ale Keg
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Pouring a deep clear amber and with big bitterness, the original Holt’s Bitter is what we’re built on.

Get the same great taste you know in the pub with this cask mini keg version.

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Deep clear amber and big bitterness. The original Holt’s Manchester Bitter is what we’re built on.

Much like our northern routes, this cask bitter is full of character with light caramel and malty notes that develop into a solid base with punchy, earthy hops. Biting bitterness from the carefully selected English hops is balanced out by the best English pale ale malt and a gentle carbonation to leave a silky-smooth finish.

Quenchingly good, this is a proper Manchester bitter.

Please note, this mini keg version of Bitter is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It doesn’t come with the glass as pictured, but you can buy a real ale pint glass here. This cask version mini keg is not pressurised with carbon dioxide.

For best results please drink within 24-36 hours of opening.

Keg Size 5L
Beer Type Bitter
Alcohol 4.0%
Vegetarian Yes
Allergens Malted barley
Beer Colour Amber






Full bitterness with dry malt base


Rating 4/5

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Rating 1/5

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23 reviews for Mini Bitter Cask Ale

  1. Dawn (verified owner)

    Great service, fast delivery.
    Not the same as going to the pub for a fresh pulled pint but a close 2nd.
    Happy with the purchase and will look at purchasing again

  2. Brian Atherton (verified owner)

    Even with half a cask left, the beer is flat the folling day, this has happened with 3 casks.
    The cask that had a gas capsul is far supiour.

  3. vincent gardner (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying holts mini kegs for 6-7months now,which I enjoy, where are thies discount codes,I’ve never seen one?

  4. Mike Millington (verified owner)

    Next best thing to being in a fabulous Holts pub !! A proper pint

  5. Andy Taylor (verified owner)

    Bought three mini casks for Christmas, delivery was fast and runtime, excellent service. On twisting one tap yesterday it was difficult to pull out, on finally easing it out, it then continued to push itself completely out of the key, as such I was unable to use it. I managed to push the tap back in, but no chance to drink it, as it’s either fully pushed in or completely out with beer flowing everywhere. It is an older style keg. The second worked like a dream and delivered smiles on tasting it. Fingers crossed the third one behaves. Possibly a keg issue rather than the actual beer.

  6. Steven Prescott (verified owner)

    Gasping for a pint of bitter, not dissapointed. now on tub number three, once empty I will be ordering more, I do miss the pubs.

  7. Joe Garvey (verified owner)

    When you first open it, it’s just like a freshly pulled pint in the pub… Next day it does go flat and its not very lively!
    But… Its the best we can do when the pub is shut!
    Can Holts do anything to the “technology” with the keg to keep the beer from going flat..???

  8. Dave Jones (verified owner)

    Its Holts bitter, and does exactly what it says on the tin. Didnt last long enough, may have to buy more.

  9. T. M. Lever (verified owner)

    Really looking forward to my pint of Holt’s Bitter at home over Christmas. However I have received 5lts of useless flat Bitter…! The Mini Keg has a diagram on the top of it suggesting a C02 tap fits this Mini Keg, so why don’t Holt’s sell these at a reasonable price to get a pub pint of Bitter…? Really not happy, I want a refund or a fit for purpose replacement…

  10. Francis Heddell (verified owner)

    Not as good as the railway west didsbury but far off
    Excellent service thanks

  11. Bernadette Homer (verified owner)

    Bought two mini kegs and the beer nuts as a gift for my dad at Christmas. The products themselves were excellent. The only slight niggle is that they arrived without packaging or in my form of box etc so as it happened my dad answered the door and received all his gifts from the delivery guy. I really wanted to see his face as he opened the gifts as I know how much he misses his local. Ah well, it’s 2020 we’ve had bigger things to complain about in the grand scheme of things! Great products, thank you

  12. Joe Hunt (verified owner)

    Delicious taste of Holts, in my house, great service, delivery driver really friendly. Had a few different kegs now and all have been superb

  13. Mark (verified owner)

    Excellent service from start to finish.
    Great pint, worth every penny.

  14. Rich Everton (verified owner)

    Been trying lots of different mini casks/ kegs for pub pint feeling (about 7) and this is the best for my money.
    Yep, it’ll be flat the next day(they always are and this is better than most) so make sure you’re thirsty when you pop it.

  15. Patricia (verified owner)

    Excellent bought two kegs at Christmas, husband liked the stout and we both live Holts better.
    Treated my son to a keg, not been able to see him and my granddaughter since last March .
    We all need a glass of cheer

  16. Rich (verified owner)

    Update, if you’re careful with closing the top tap after you pour a bev it will stay lively for a couple of days.
    It really is very good.

  17. Frank (verified owner)

    I have now sampled five of these kegs in the past couple of months and to echo previous reviewers the beer is not pub quality but it is a passable second. It won’t last after it’s been opened as it’ll go flat so be prepared for a session ! Certainly it’s a lot better than supermarket cans and bottles and I will be buying more as none of us will be seeing the inside of our local Joey Holt’s pub anytime soon.

    In short, I recommend this mini keg to any Holt’s bitter lover.

  18. Nicholas Hooper (verified owner)

    An excellent draught ale – with the hoppiness of English bittering hops and creamy flavour from crystal malt. I have tried both the pressurized keg and the unpressurized version. I found the latter maintained its sparkle as long as I remembered to close the vent after drawing off a pint.
    I will certainly purchase again.
    Why can’t we have the Mild in the same form, or in bottle? I love drinking mild and bitter (a.k.a. mixed, half and half).

  19. DAVID SMITH (verified owner)

    Great service and beer – went down in one sitting!
    A welcome relief during lockdown, can’t wait for the pubs to re-open.
    Dave (Bury)

  20. stephen mee (verified owner)

    As an e-pat Lancashire lad whose been living for 37 years in Scotland, I longed for proper bitter instead of sweet Scottish beer. I had a flash back, and remembered Holts wonderful bitter, so I took delivery of a mini cask, Superb! Just as I remember, shared it with my son who works in the brewing industry, and he loved it too! Will be re-ordering soon

  21. Robert halligan (verified owner)

    Excellent once opened it was never going to be saved, will buy more when free delivery is available

  22. S Hardman

    Very good beer ordered with a mini keg of Black problem with one keg but got in touch with customer service and problem solved very efficiently and quickly. Back to the beers both very good and will definitely order again thank you

  23. Andrew Gibson (verified owner)

    My first mini keg order and I was disappointed to say the least. I wasn’t expecting the bitter to match a pub pint but it was flat with hardly any head at all.

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