Joseph Holt
Posted: 6th March 2017

Joseph Holt celebrates International Women's Day!

Brewsters at St Austell Brewery

Brewing has a long standing history that some may not know but in the very early days of brewing, it was in fact women who did most of the brewing. It can be traced back to the Babylonian days when the first written evidence of ale production being a Babylonian poem written to honour the goddess of fertility (and beer), Ninkasi. In ancient Egyptian times, beer was almost entirely brewed by women while a German nun actually discovered that putting yeast into beer would increase its shelf-life, giving rise to large scale commercial brewing.

Fast forward to the 21st century and beer is brewed and enjoyed across the world especially in the UK where recent studies collected by Statista found "Brits consume around 15,000 pints of beer a minute", which is fantastic news to all brewers or brewsters (as the female brewers are called). Our friends at St Austell Brewery has planned an excellent beer tasting event to celebrate International Women's Day and a special ticket-tour of St Austell's award winning Brewery Vistor Centre. The event will be held on Wednesday 8th March from 12pm to 2pm for the beer tasting event and 7pm for the Brewery Vistor Centre.

In honour of women everywhere, Joseph Holt is delighted and proud to support such a wonderful occasion and will be supplying our Humdinger beer to the event. The Humdinger beer has won several awards over the years including Gold at the World Beer Awards for UK's Flavoured Beer in the Honey and Maple beer category in 2016.

We'd like to wish everyone attending the event a great time! For those unable to attend, we suggest you pick up a bottle of our Humdinger from Booths stores across Greater Manchester to join in the celebration of International Women's Day!