Crystal Gold stars in Ainsley Harriott’s Festive Flavours

This Christmas Day our beautiful Crystal Gold lager took centre stage for the world to see, will millions tuning in to see the show. Ainsley Harriott’s Festive Flavours aired on Christmas Day around midday and you may have noticed a familiar bottle on this episode. Ainsley is known for his creative and delicious dishes, and this Christmas he made anything but your conventional festive feast, putting a unique twist on the traditional turkey. Instead of using typical sandwiches for turkey leftovers (the staple of any boxing day), he whips up a spicy batch of tempting turkey tacos… with pinto beans and avocado crema, a scrumptious dish packed with fresh and zingy Mexican flavours. The accompaniment? Our award-winning Crystal Gold lager.

You can watch this episode of Ainsley Harriott’s Festive Flavours here, (Andy Clarke gives some in depth beer-tasting notes around 21min 30secs).

Andy Clarke: “But if you wanted to, you could go for a lager. It’s made with Slovenian hops giving it a floral nature. It’s got English malt, barley and wheat, and it’s got a dash of sweetness on the finish. Beautiful creamy texture and it’s refreshing. So with this spice, that lager is great.” We couldn’t have said this better ourselves.

We recommend our Crystal Gold with any bite that packs some heat, including delightful dishes from our main menu. The customer favourite ‘Nduja Pork and Beef Meatballs will certainly spice up your pallet, having a pint of this on stand by will not only help cool down the palate, it will accentuate the natural flavours.

For those living in the North West, our Crystal Gold is available across all our pubs. For those living further a field, fear not, we offer nationwide delivery via our online Beer Shop. You can choose from 5L Mini Kegs, a case of 12 bottles. Our Crystal Gold can also be purchased in a mixed case with our Diamond Lager, a stronger lager at 5% hosting a more intense flavour.

Crystal Gold featured on Ainsley Harriott's Festive Flavours

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