Our youngest landlady stood outside the Clock Tower pub

Joseph Holts appoints youngest landlady

Joseph Holt has just hired its youngest ever landlady.

Our 175 year old family business has appointed 25 year-old Zoe Carnan to run the Clock Tower in Northwich, Zoe has already brought a burst of energy to the Cheshire pub – with the launch of free weekly salsa lessons. In doing so the Clock Tower is one of the few non-specialist bars in the UK to offer the Latin dance sessions `gratis`.

According to Zoe, the Salsa sessions are the first of many new initiatives she hopes to bring to the Clock Tower.

She says: “I was approached by a customer who comes from Venezuela, and he told me that he really wanted to do something for the local community. As an experienced salsa dancer, he suggested offering complimentary sessions at the pub. I thought it sounded such fun, so lively as well as a great form of exercise. It was also likely to be a new experience for lots of people, so I immediately said yes to the idea. Our classes cater for all levels and abilities and unlike other places which offer lessons are free. So, it really is an open invitation to enjoy the rhythms of this wonderful Latin dance.”

The sessions are thought to be one of the only free classes to be offered by a non-specialist bar or pub.

Despite only being in her 20`s, Zoe has worked for Joseph Holt for seven years – having begun with casual bar work when she was at college. Working her way up the ladder after completing a qualification in health and social care, gradually Zoe assumed more management responsibility before being offered the chance to take over the Clock Tower.

“It`s quite a steep learning curve but also extremely exciting too,” adds Zoe. “Pubs today are so much more than places to have a beer or something to eat.  Joseph Holt pubs are at the heart of the community and host so many activities,  social groups, events and more.  Salsa sessions are just the start of what is going to be an exciting new phase for the Clock Tower”

Zoe’s appointment reflects the ethos of Joseph Holt which has been in the same family for six generations and which this year celebrates its 175th anniversary.

Said Mark Norbury, operation director of Joseph Holt pubs: “Joseph Holt offers so many career opportunities and many entry level staff have worked their way up to managing their own pubs. Zoe is a great example of this as well as a huge asset to the brewery. We are all delighted to see her hard work, enthusiasm and enterprise being recognised at such a young age. I`m sure under her stewardship the Clock Tower will go from strength to strength.”

You can read more on this story in The Northwich Guardian here.

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