Joseph Holt Bitter Mini Keg

Joseph Holt Bitter 5L Mini Keg
(73 customer reviews)


Deep clear amber. Full white head. Big bitterness. The original Holt’s Bitter is what we’re built on.

A true icon now available in 5L mini keg for greater enjoyment at home.

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Deep clear amber. Full white head. Big bitterness. The original Holt’s Manchester Bitter is what we’re built on. A true icon now available in a pressurised mini keg.

Much like our northern roots, this cask bitter is full of character with light caramel and malty notes that develop into a solid base with punchy, earthy hops. Biting bitterness from the carefully selected English hops is balanced out by the best English pale ale malt and a gentle carbonation to leave a silky-smooth finish.

Quenchingly good, this is a proper Manchester bitter.

Please note, this mini keg version of Bitter is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It doesn’t come with the glass as pictured, but you can buy a real ale pint glass here.

Keg Size 5L
Beer Type Bitter
Alcohol 4.0%
Vegan Yes
Vegetarian Yes
Allergens Malted barley, wheat
Beer Colour Amber






Full bitterness with dry malt base


Rating 4/5

Full DropFull DropFull DropFull DropBlank Drop


Rating 1/5

Full DropBlank DropBlank DropBlank DropBlank Drop

73 reviews for Joseph Holt Bitter Mini Keg

  1. Chris duffy (verified owner)

    Great beer fast delivery great service we were out driver rang and came back

  2. Robert Robertson (verified owner)

    Fantastic service, I enjoy a pint of Holtss bitter, and the keg didn’t disappoint, perfect for the garden and bbqs.
    Thanks for great service and 1st class ale.

  3. Mike (verified owner)

    Great beer. Great service

  4. Joe Hunt (verified owner)

    Excellent keg, highly recommended for those days when the pub is closed or you can’t get to it but want your fix of Holts’ bitter

  5. Evo (verified owner)

    Great to have a real pint during lockdown but with delivery cost its too expensive.

  6. John (verified owner)

    Excellent – no problems – fast delivery and tasted great!

  7. carole lamb (verified owner)

    ordered 3 kegs all gone, i dont drink bitter but it seems my husband and friend enjoyed it while watching football as they are all empty.

  8. Kay Blanks (verified owner)

    Bought this for my dad for father’s day. Best present ever! The brewery delivered exactly as they said. Dad was so excited when the Joseph Holts van turned up. As we were in lockdown he hadn’t been able to have his favourite pint in months. Worth every penny. Will definitely be ordering again for him. He enjoyed every sip. Just like you get in a pub. Thank you Joseph Holts. You made an 85 year old very happy.

  9. Ryan Goodman (verified owner)

    DELICIOUS.. Rearly enjoyed it. a real God send whilst the pub was closed. I will be definitely buying again this time to share with family and friends.

  10. Mark Grundy (verified owner)

    Excellent service and delivery. Delivery actually came 2 days earlier than expected. I was a bit dubious but I needn’t have worried it tastes exactly the same as Holts bitter in a Holt’s pub. The only criticism I have and it’s a tiny little one is maybe move the labels stating not to drink for 24 hours somewhere where it’s easier to see. I wasn’t aware of the label until the keg was empty and I turned it round and lifted it up (label at back and on the bottom) so maybe put a label near the tap? Like I said only a small criticism if you can call it that. Will definitely be ordering again in the very near future 👍🏻

  11. Mrs Carol Ann Lee (verified owner)

    We were surprised how quick and easy it was to order. The quality was exceptional. The only thing we were bothered about was what a waste that you can’t refill the barrel. Yours sincerely Carol.

  12. Peter (verified owner)

    As a Mancunian living in rural Herefordshire, I needed my fix of Holts Bitter and the mini keg was the perfect solution. A truly remarkable bitter from an Iconic Brewery. 10 out 10

  13. Garry Clark (verified owner)

    Disappointing. The beer was flat and just trickled out of the keg. I won’t be ordering it again.

  14. paul seal (verified owner)

    Beer tasted great co2 keg worked fairly well , maybe I was a bit naive expecting it to be
    exactly like in the pub, but still hit the parts other
    Beers can’t reach

  15. Phil Goodman (verified owner)

    If you can’t get to the pub for your Holts bitter….get yourself a mini keg…brilliant.

  16. Kevin Young (verified owner)

    This is an excellent beer from the keg. It pours really well and has a lovely tight head that stays.
    Very easy drinking but at least fro the keg you get to enjoy every drop. Will definitely be reordered this again.

    These guys know how to make great beer !!

  17. Andrew (verified owner)

    Holts bitter has been my favourite beer for a long time, but I’ve never seen it on sale down here in Essex. So being able to drink it out of a mini-keg in my own home during the lock-down has been great. Tastes just as good as it does down the pub

  18. Richard (verified owner)

    I’ve just ordered another one – enough said !

  19. Kieran (verified owner)

    Excellent beer, just the same as in the pub. Great value and having had first pint, I finished it off 5 days later-just as good as first. Perfect gift.

  20. Will Lawless (verified owner)

    These newer pressurised kegs are amazing, a real quality pint every time.

  21. Anthony Patterson (verified owner)

    Quality ale, I’ve always loved Holt ales but now i live in Blackpool and the nearest house is a truck this ideal, a long time coming but well worth the wait, a good pint from these new pressurised kegs.

    Any chance of a wet house in Bispham please? 😉

  22. John Harris (verified owner)

    Ordered while pubs were still shut for my birthday in July. Service was excellent but unfortunately the beer was flat as a fluke, a real shame. I love my Holts bitter, on its day the finest pint of bitter anywhere but I will not be reordering this example. Incidentally I shared this experience with some friends in my Holts local who confirmed that they had the same experience.

  23. Claire (verified owner)

    Bought this for my Dad he loves it, I’ve already ordered him a second one! Great service, emailed when it’s ready to collect. Would recommend 100%
    Thank you

  24. Geof Blomerley (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the beer but 20% deerer than bottled makes me hesitate to reorder

  25. vincent gardner (verified owner)

    Not a bad pint,a bit to flat for my liking,Lilke it is down south,will try the trailblazer next time but overall will buy again.

  26. Steven Williams (verified owner)

    Great bitter and excellent service love my Holts ordered two more kegs.

  27. Nigel Freeman (verified owner)

    A really great pint when you can’t get to the pub! The 2 kegs for £45 deal is good.

  28. Howard Boots (verified owner)

    Although not quite as creamy or delicious as the pints of bitter served by Tom or Clair at the Halfway House, Droylsden, it’s by far the next best thing available. The bitter is light and tasty and the keg very easy to use.

  29. Jacky mottershead (verified owner)

    Bought for my partner to drink over.Xmas so not opened yet. Partner very critical so hope it’s as good as everyone says. Easy ordering delivery took a week and I live about 2 miles from brewery so not really impressed by the wait but great that you can get an authentic pint during these hard times. If it is ok will order again but think it’s a tad expensive.

  30. Paul Mortimer

    My partner ordered me a keg during lockdown as Holts Bitter always been my favourite.
    1st day of opening quite good and tasted just like the pub draft, not as creamy but not far off. Sadly if you finish off the day after, it does go a bit flat then but still tastes ok.
    Just debating as to whether to order 2 or 4 for the festive season as not looking good for pubs opening here in Manchester.
    I got to agree with some about the price but a lot of these mini kegs are pricey from micro brewers although you can get some brands for between £12 – £15 in the supermarkets. I would rather pay a bit more for something I enjoy though.

  31. macdonald578 (verified owner)

    Excellent pleasant service from the delivery driver I have been ordering 2 kegs every fortnight during lockdown which has been very easy via your website, however one of the kegs had a problem when the gas went leaving half of the beer in the keg, despite contacting you I didn’t receive a response

  32. David Mason (verified owner)

    This the 2nd keg I have had the 1st being excellent, unfortunately this one was pretty flat all the way to the bottom, tasted ok just couldn’t get a nice smooth head on it.
    Will order again though!

  33. David Grice (verified owner)

    Excellent service just a bit expensive for evry week compared to supermarket prices for keg beers.

  34. Philip Brierley (verified owner)

    Much better in the pressurised mini kegs, a great pint.

  35. James bollard (verified owner)

    Great keg beer missed it last six months, glad to taste that unmistakable bitter taste, Great service and quick delivery 👍

  36. Alfred Mcclughan (verified owner)

    The pressurised CO2 mechanism on this keg is very sturdy and robust along with the pouring lever and tap. The beer itself was a delight to drink, from the first pint to the last. I have tried other kegs from other breweries that have been disappointing. We all have our own distinctive tastes when it comes to beer but i would advise any you to try this product. It was that good 2 more kegs have been ordered.

  37. Nick Hooper (verified owner)

    Delivery was fast. The beer tastes superb, even on the Yorkshire side of the Pennines. It is a proper traditional bitter beer, with a balance of English-hop bitterness and crystal malt creaminess. The dispense system is better than other breweries’mini-kegs, so I got 8 pints+ from it.
    I will buy this again – when wii the Mild Ale be available in this dispense, or in bottle? I like drinking mild and bitter mixed.

  38. Bill Coop (verified owner)

    Excellent. As close to draught beer as I have tasted at home. I finished the mini keg the day after opening and it was every bit as good as the first day. Highly recommended.

  39. Peter Seymour (verified owner)

    First off delivery was superb, Customer service at its very best. Shaun went out of his way to ensure I got my Joeys Bitter for Xmas and boy did I enjoy it. Im not a lover of cans or bottles so I was a little sceptical of how good the quality was and I have to say it was a bloody good substitute. Very good taste and a really nice pint for a home drink. Simple to use, I just wish it was a lot bigger although it might not have lasted any longer, lol. If your thinking about this product, ignore the cost. If you want a nice pint at home this is for you. The 5 litre keg recommends you drink within 48 hours of opening, I guarantee you will finish it well before the 48 hours is up. I will definitely be a returning customer hic. Thank you Shaun.

  40. Emma Haughton (verified owner)

    Already looking to order a second one, my Dad loved it.

  41. RICHARD MULLER (verified owner)

    I’ll keep it brief as 100% 5 star reviews says it better than I can.
    Great beer great delivery fair price.
    Wonder if there’s anyway there could be a returnable
    Deposit /refund and way to use the keg again and be more green ?

  42. Joeann Dwyer (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery thank you,I had a very happy dad with this in his Christmas hamper x

  43. JK1526 (verified owner)

    Really impressed with the new style keg. Had this for new years and wasn’t disappointed. Nearly as good as a pub pint, just missing the lasting head, but still very tasty! 🤪 Will definitely be buying more.

  44. Lesley barton

    Deluveey fast 2 days, beer is excellent, keg easy to use, tastes as good as the pub

  45. Ed N (verified owner)

    Quick Delivery and the Beer was exceptional. My 3 housemates and I certainly enjoyed nestling into a few frothies on a Friday afternoon.

  46. Max Fearnley (verified owner)

    Just beautiful beer I closed my eyes whilst drinking it and I was back in the pub…

  47. Phil Robinson (verified owner)

    Bougha keg for my brother.He thoroughly enjoyed it an (URGENTLY)
    d told me it gives him the “pub experience”
    One question I want to ask though to the boss.




    Do us Holts drinkers a favour in these terrible times. Get this fantastic beer in 6 packs
    Cheers qll

  48. john yapp (verified owner)

    Quick service good taste bit flat couldn’t get a good head on it and took ages to get the last 2 ish pints out

  49. Michael Wilmore (verified owner)

    Excellent beer, first keg I have tried with Co2 and it all worked well. Got another in garage for next Friday.

  50. Paul Sistern

    Excellent customer service. I was wrongly sent the Bitter Cask, having ordered the Bitter Mini Keg. They told me to keep the cask and they immediately dispatched the mini keg. I sat back and drank the free beer whilst waiting for the mini keg to arrive. Cheers Joseph Holt!

  51. Joshua George (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery, and very easy to use. Tastes great. Highly recommended.

  52. sjrwil (verified owner)

    Superb bitter and the trailblazer is really creamy. For those of you who are missing that really creamy pint of Holts just try this little trick pour about a inch of bitter or trailblazer in a glass use a stick blender to stir it up then top up, you will have a tight creamy head that last to the bottom of the glass.

  53. david chestney (verified owner)

    The comment on leaving the keg 24 hrs is right .The beer is wonderful just like the pub. ive ordered 3-4 times now only had 1 faulty keg(gas problem) The holts brewery sent me replacements 2 kegs so all i can say is let them know of any problem .Delivery is spot on Beer spot on should be on standing order LOL Thanks Holts for relief while pubs are shut Cheers Dave

  54. Rossi (verified owner)

    When it’s good it’s damn good. I ordered two of these but they mixed up the order and sent me one of the non CO2 versions by mistake. Fair play they sent me the other Keg out next day. Now, the experience I had was varied. The first Keg ran out of gas after a pint and a half. I can hear the ale sloshing around but it just dribbles out. It would take over an hour to get a pint out I think. The other Keg was faultless. Smooth creamy pint with a cracking head and consistent taste in every glass. Was it worth £50 for just over one Keg, probably not. Would I order again, probably will. So if they can sort out their quality control (looks like I’m not alone with duff kegs) this is a real lockdown winner for me.

  55. Steve (verified owner)

    Very good keg value for money will try the cask next easy to pour not like other kegs 3/4 froth first little beer and have to wait.
    Will definitely buy again

  56. Frank (verified owner)

    Excellent beer delivered in two day
    Thanks thanks

  57. Richard (verified owner)

    Arrived with 1 working day of ordering and tasted excellent. Will definitely order again.

  58. James THWAITE (verified owner)

    Delivered within a few days of ordering. Did as instructed to leave for a day to settle then open. The taste is great but I could not get a head on a pint!
    Maybe its me not pouring it correctly or that I stored the keg on its side in the fridge.

  59. Christine Grosz (verified owner)

    Bought this for my son…he absolutely loved it. Always went to The Abby Dentons Green for his favourite pint and has missed going so much. Best beer he has had

  60. David Cutting (verified owner)

    Brilliant great beer, great service & great pint

  61. thebazinn (verified owner)

    Best beer ever. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I closed my eyes and I was in my local ‘The White Swan’. Here’s to normality, I’ll drink to that! Many thanks to all at Joseph Holts.

  62. Dawn (verified owner)

    Yet another purchase for my husband – he’s had several barrels. This type is the better one. Hope they will continue these when the pubs are back open – be good for bbq’s. definitely recommend these

  63. Paul Lewers (verified owner)

    Excellent delivery service. This is probably my favourite Bitter. You may think that the price is more expensive than the kegs/casks that you can buy in the supermarkets but the price reflects the quality of the keg and the beer in it. Perfect to the last drop. I would recommend this or any other Holts’s bottled beer.

  64. Chris Corns (verified owner)

    1st keg great, the 2nd was flat on day and couldnt dispense the last 3 pints worth. Disappointing overall.

  65. Lisa Royle (verified owner)

    Bought for my dad he loved it

  66. Kevin Rodgers (verified owner)

    First time I have ordered & so glad I did!! Poured a lovely head on the beer which remained all the way down to the bottom of the glass. Slips down a treat, too well in fact, will be ordering another two mini kegs!! Great beer – Great Service!

  67. Will Lawless (verified owner)

    Over the last year bought a few, but the last two were flat with the keg not pressurised and no CO2 I couldn’t get half the barrel out.. really disappointed, the Diamond Lager kegs have been great, maybe they have problems with the bitter kegs?

  68. Peter W (verified owner)

    An excellent bitter.

    The keg works really well, and as its pressure is maintained by CO2 and not air you don’t have to remember to close any valves, so the beer stays fresh.

  69. widdall2 (verified owner)

    A good pint but I think I let it get a little too warm.

  70. John G (verified owner)

    Brilliant and living in West Wales (ex Manc) keep getting asked “who are they”. Tell them it’s the best pint in the world and nectar of the Gods. They don’t know what they’re missing as I’m not sharing!

  71. Bernard H (verified owner)

    I love Holt;s bitter,so no complaints there. I like a few other reviewers found that the beer was flat and slow to poor. Is this something I did when opening the keg? (it seemed that the Co2 did not kick in) or is there something wrong with the instructions on the side of the keg?. I am not daft but I ended up doubting myself that I followed the instructions correctly. Are the instructions not clear enough or perhaps I am daft?

  72. derekwarrington (verified owner)

    Fast Delivery ,we have had a few of these kegs now and very happy with the quality of the beer. A far better system than the pull and twist system that can be found at other places. Always a smooth pour from start to finish. we normally get 9 pins out of a keg.
    We have left the beer overnight and no problems. Will buy again without any fear !

  73. Gareth Croll (verified owner)

    It seems the only way to get a response from Holts is to leave a poor review.
    Ordered two kegs of Bitter – but received one of Bitter and one of Crystal Gold.
    Emailed to try and sort out, but no reply.
    Tried to contact again, but was again ignored.
    So I gave a poor review, and then (strangely enough) had an email saying the correct keg was on its way and asking for details of the contact I’d tried to make.
    I sent all this (with times and dates), but again no reply. So I phoned up, was put through to a voicemail and left a message. Again, no reply.
    And more importantly, no keg that I have paid for.
    Please get this sorted.

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