Trailblazer Stout Mini Keg

Trailblazer Stout 5L Keg
(12 customer reviews)


Silky smooth, rich and satisfying, Trailblazer is our phenomenal new stout.

It’s a full bodied stout with characterful flavours of dark chocolate and malt. Best served chilled.

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Silky smooth, rich and satisfying, you’ll be first captured by the surging body leading the way into a full, tight, creamy head that follows you down the glass. Distinct roasted barley creates a smoky, dark roast coffee aroma with hints of treacle, liquorice and nutty notes.

Full without being heavy, the velvety body develops into deep, characterful flavours of dark chocolate and malt, fully complimented by a striking balance of bitterness and sweetness with a fine, dry finish. Trailblazer is a refreshing and distinguished session stout served chilled.

A pioneering black and white northern stout as described by real pioneering stout drinkers.

For best results consume the keg within 3 days of opening. If you’re interested in stout (which we’re guessing you are if you’re reading this), take a look at your stout beer guide here for all you need to know about this epic ale!

Keg Size 5L
Beer Type Stout
Alcohol 4.3%
Vegan Yes
Vegetarian Yes
Allergens Barley, wheat
Beer Colour Black with creamy head



Pitch black, creamy white head


Smoky, roasted coffee, liquorice


Rich, toasted malt, dark chocolate


Rating 1.5/5

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Rating 2.5/5

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12 reviews for Trailblazer Stout Mini Keg

  1. Colin McGrail (verified owner)

    Great product much better than other kegs I have tried in the past.
    Not too fizzy so you don’t end up with pints of head with no beer.
    Smooth and silky well done Joseph Holt.

  2. Mike Millington (verified owner)

    Really impressive. Best Keg I’ve used. Very easy and poured a great pint, and what a fabulous pint it was too !

  3. Robert Derbyshire (verified owner)

    Yes this was a good drink 🙂

  4. Kevin Young (verified owner)

    Pours perfectly to leave a tight creamy head. It’s silky smooth and has a nice bitter/sweet balance leave a delicious dark chocolate finish as it slips down.
    As good a stout as I’ve had at home.
    Great job Joseph Holt.

  5. Ian Turner (verified owner)

    Quality keg best one I’ve ever used as a Guinness drinker this stout is right up there but at £30 a keg plus £5 delivery £3.50 a pint to drink at home I think I will wait for the pubs to reopen

  6. Frank Fogarty

    Not enough information on use

  7. Neil McGrail (verified owner)

    excellent drink and fills the gap of not having Holts Black available to buy

  8. David Dinsdale (verified owner)

    Rich creamy stout ,kept it’s head very well ,taste smooth with a slight ‘bite’- would love to do blind taste with this and Guiness

  9. Steve Jones (verified owner)

    Great keg beer. Really creamy head. Best keg beer I’ve had. Just like a pint in a pub. Tastes ace!

    I’ll be ordering more. Well done.

  10. Alan Sawkins (verified owner)

    I live in Gloucestershire and usually drink Holt’s bitter on my regular work trips to Salford. Lockdown has left me with desire for a northern beer so I ordered a mini-keg of Trailblazer for home delivery. Fantastic tasting beer and brilliant dispense – just like draught beer. Hope to have more soon.

  11. Steven Williams (verified owner)

    Ordered two kegs of Trailblazer and two bitter unfortunately one of the Trailblazer kegs failed to pour after four servings. I let Holts know and they said they’d send a replacement keg by the end of the week.Holts customer service is excellent and delivery times are very fast. Ordered two more kegs and a pub in a box on Saturday it was delivered Monday superb.

  12. Ann Kennedy (verified owner)

    These kegs have been great for our nibbles and nuts nights. Our only comment is why don’t Joseph Holt do a return service for empty kegs.

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