Diamond Lager 5L Mini Keg

Diamond Lager 5L Mini Keg
(12 customer reviews)


Pouring golden and clear with a crisp, sparkling head, Diamond is a refreshing premium lager which has won Gold in the 2017 International Brewing Awards making it the world’s best lager. Comes in a CO2 pressurised 5L mini keg.

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Pouring golden and clear with a crisp, sparkling head, Diamond is a refreshing premium lager, now available in a CO2 5L Mini Keg making it feel like you are having a pint poured in the pub.

Using first-class ingredients and cold-conditioned for 21 days, this lager is light and malty with a touch of sweetness which combines with a welcome hoppy bitterness. The result is a gold standard, full flavoured beer to be drunk as an early afternoon appetiser or late evening finisher.

Diamond is embedded in lager folklore having been officially crowned the best premium lager in the world twice at the International Brewing Awards in 2013 and 2017. Diamond lager is also vegan friendly.

For best results, this product should ideally be stored in the fridge to keep the lager chilled. Please note, the mini keg doesn’t come with the pint glass as pictured, but you can buy our World Gold lager pint glass here.

Keg Size 5L
Beer Type Lager
Alcohol 5.0%
Vegan Yes
Vegetarian Yes
Allergens Malted barley, wheat
Beer Colour Straw





Light, fruity


Full, crisp, light fruit notes


Rating 2/5

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Rating 2/5

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12 reviews for Diamond Lager 5L Mini Keg

  1. MF

    Happy with this, delivery was straightforward. It’s a nice tasting lager. The only issue I had was keeping it cold during the hot few days we had as I consumed it; I couldn’t really do that as it was too big for the fridge.

  2. Darrell Harrison (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Delivered to my local pub with free delivery. Cracking pint. Pub quality. Wish they did a bigger size keg.

  3. Lyn Kershaw (verified owner)

    Great tasting lager will be ordering more of them very soon. Could do with a Polypin of the lager though as they are bigger and go further if you are having a few friends round.

  4. Garry mack (verified owner)

    Really good in lockdown, closest to a pint of diamond you will get had about 4 this year, love this beer both in the pub and mini keg at home, get about 9; and a bit pints out of it, is strong so take it easy if you’re not used to it.

  5. Martin Welsh (verified owner)

    Tastes the same as in the pub, but as for getting 9 pints out of it ( previous review) I was lucky to get 8 pints. This is my third keg I have received, and I am glad you have solved the problem of leaking from the top after pouring a pint. Only bought this time as holts did a special deal, otherwise at normal price of these kegs, it works out quite expensive.

  6. EO (verified owner)

    Second time I’ve ordered and I would order again. Efficient delivery and consistently lovely lager. Would really recommend!

  7. Gary Martin (verified owner)

    First time I ordered and I couldn’t be happier. The delivery arrived earlier than expected, which was fantastic. Furthermore once I opened the keg and poured my first pint, especially into the correct diamond glass, it was great. The beer was exactly as if I’d walked into one of Joseph holts pubs. Roll on when the pubs can open safely, but these kegs will be great now and after lockdown to have for a private occasions (bbq/house party etc).

  8. PC (verified owner)

    First started supping this stuff in the Millstone, Bolton and this is the closest you’ll get to enjoying the same experience,
    Excellent tasting strong lager and excellent service and delivery – ordered so many times now that perhaps I deserve a tab !?!

  9. Darren Taylor (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 and got close to 10 pints out of it. The secret is to pour the first couple of pints super slow. Hard work when your waiting to dive in. Heaven in a glass

  10. Kevin Rodgers (verified owner)

    First time I have ordered this lager & I am so glad I did!! It was a little frothy to start but once I had the glass at the right angle it poured beautifully with the head remaining on side of glass all the way down the pint!! Great tasting smooth lager & quite strong!! Got just over 9 pints which went down well, good job I ordered two kegs, will be ordering more especially when on offer. Very quick delivery.

  11. Greg Dixon (verified owner)

    Very disappointed nothing but froth came out and had a slight ammonia smell , had it at the correct temp , got an IPA as well that was perfect . Had a pint of each at Manchester airport and was very impressed , so took a pic so i would remember them . So slightly pissed off 😭

  12. Will Lawless (verified owner)

    Had a few kegs, this is a real top lager and with the pressurised keg is a real treat a quality pint every pour

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