Joseph Holt
Posted: 25th October 2017

Joseph Holt Supports Campaign to Cut Beer Duty 2017

Joseph Holt Supports Campaign to Cut Beer Duty

The Autumn Budget 2017 is fast approaching and there is a very real possibility the Government will increase beer duty again on the 22nd November. Joseph Holt Brewery will continue to support British Beer and Pub Association's campaign to cut beer duty.  

To achieve this, we need your help as we all know what beer duty does. The March increase of 3.9% put the price of Joseph Holt beer up by 2p. This 2p does not come to the Brewery for future pub and brewery investment, it goes straight to the Government. Increases in beer duty are one of the reasons why so many pubs have closed over the last 10 years. 

A further increase on 22nd November this year would be hugely damaging to the brewing and pubs sector in the UK and those working in our pubs. 

Joseph Holt benefited from the cuts in beer duty between 2013-2015 and used this money to invest back into our pubs. In 2016 we spent £4.9m on pub refurbishments which have created new jobs in the community and have provided a social place for everyone, young or old, male or female to relax and enjoy.  Across the country, it also resulted in millions of pounds of extra investment in Britain’s breweries and pubs and has boosted jobs in our sector by 20,000. Increasing beer duty risks all of this. A modest cut to beer duty would be broadly revenue neutral for the Government, because although duty receipts would be lower, the knock-on effects of increased sales and employment taxes would balance this out. It would also help to keep a pint in the pub affordable.

This is why we need to increase the pressure with our Campaign for a beer duty cut in the Budget. We need local politicians to show their support for our unique industry and join the campaign.

There are three quick and easy ways to help, by 3rd November:

1.  Email your MP: If you visit the website and enter your postcode it will tell you who your local MP is and will generate a message to him/her. It takes less than a minute to do and takes two clicks.  It is surprising how much MP’s are influenced by the communications they receive.

2.  Spread the word: Share this web article to friends and contacts. Post about the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

3.  Tweet your MP: Send your local MP a message on Twitter: For example, ‘please support British beer and pubs by supporting the campaign for a cut in beer duty on 22nd November. #cutbeertax’ You can find your local MP on Twitter, using the Tweet Your MP website at:

The beer duty tax cuts of 2013-2015 were not easily won. It took tens of thousands of individual actions and contacts with MPs, lasting for several years.

There are one million of us working in pubs and brewing.  We showed in the past what a huge difference we can make. Let’s do the same again, as without the industry acting in this way there is a very real chance we could be facing our second beer duty increase of the year in November. This will mean the price of Joseph Holt bitter and the price of Crystal is again forced up by the Government.  We're counting on your support - Thank you!