Joseph Holt Trailblazer Glass

1 x Trailblazer Pint Glass


Recreate the same in-pub experience at your home or garden bar with our iconic Joseph Holt pint glass.

It’s the same one we serve our famous Black and new Trailblazer in at the pub.

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This glass recreates the same in-pub experience in your very own home or bar. Whether you are a lover of our Joseph Holt Black or a fan of our brand new stout Trailblazer, now you can drink your favourite pint in your favourite Joseph Holt pint glass.

Iconic and simple in design, these glasses make for the perfect pint and allow you to recreate that in-pub experience. These glasses make your ale taste ‘real’ and to us taste and quality is the most important thing when it comes to brewing beer.

Just make sure you order one of the 5L Mini Casks of Joseph Holt Black or treat yourself to the Trailblazer Stout. Whatever you choose, you must make sure you have the right glass to go with it.